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1857 Mountain Meadows Massacre

Mountain Meadows Massacre Additional Resources  

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Mountain Meadows Massacre Memorial in Harrison, Arkansas

Senator William C. Mitchell's 1860 List of the Arkansas Victims

Arkansas Research Links

Benton County
The Fancher Train, under the leadership of Captain Alexander Fancher, departed from Benton County, Arkansas.
The Huff Train also departed from Benton County.

   Benton County Arkansas Historical Society
   Benton County Arkansas  U.S. Gen Web Project (Genealogy & History)

Carroll County
The Baker Train, under the leadership of Captain John Twitty Baker, departed  from Carroll County, Arkansas. (Today this area where the  the Bakers lived is in Boone County.)

   Carroll County Arkansas Historical Society
The Other Baker Train - The Smith Train Massacre

 Johnson County
 The Cameron Train and Miller Train departed from Johnson County, Arkansas.
 The Jones Train and Tackett Train also departed from Johnson County, Arkansas.

   Johnson County Arkansas Historical Society
   Johnson County Arkansas U.S. Gen Web Project (Genealogy & History)

 Marion County
 The Mitchell Train and Dunlap Train departed from Marion County, Arkansas.

   Marion County Arkansas U.S. Gen Web Project (Genealogy & History)
   Marion County Arkansas Heritage Soci


The Mountain Meadows Massacre and Its Completion as a Historic Episode, by Ralph R. Rea

American Heritage - What Happened At Mountain Meadows? by Sally Denton

The Concord Review - The Mountain Meadows Massacre, A Crime and a Mystery

Revisiting The Massacre At Mountain Meadows - Glen M. Leonard, The Juanita Brooks Lecture Series

New Light On The Mountain Meadows Caravan - Roger V. Logan, Jr., Utah Historical Quarterly, 1992


Mountain Meadow Massacre - Original Song Recorded by Lonnie J. Good, great grandson of William Twitty Baker, survivor of the 1857 Mountain Meadows Massacre.

Arkansas Folk Songs About the 1857 Mountain Meadows Massacre

On-Line Books

Mountain Meadows Massacre
On-line book by Josiah F. Gibbs

Mountain Meadows Massacre
On-line book by Charles W. Penrose. 2nd ed. 1889

Massacres of the Mountains
by J.P. Dunn, Jr. 1886
Chapter X: Mountain Meadows

Tell It All, The Story Of A Life's Experience in Mormonism,
On-line autobiography by Mrs. T.B.H. Stenhouse, 1875
Chapter XXIII is on the Mountain Meadows Massacre

Joseph Smith, The Prophet And His Progenitors For Many Generations  
On-line book by Lucy Smith,
the mother of Joseph Smith

Recollections of the Mountain Meadows Massacre
Basil G. Parker, 1901


Cherokee Trail
Diaries, Memoirs, Letters and Reports Along The Trails West
Old Spanish Trail
Oregon Trail Links
Oregon-California Trails Association
South Pass Links
Trails West Links

PBS Series - The Mormons

          Watch these episodes on-line:

Section 8 - The Mountain Meadows Massacre
Section 9 - The Ghosts of Mountain Meadows

PBS - The West - Mountain Meadows

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