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1857 Mountain Meadows Massacre
Remembrance & Reconciliation Quilt


Anna Rolapp designed the Remembrance & Reconciliation Quilts. On the "eastern" (right) border are the green hills of Arkansas; on the "western" (left) border, the red hills of southern Utah. The vines on the borders have a leaf for each of the 120 victims of the massacre.

The leaves are organized in family groupings.

The seventeen surviving children are represented by appliqued flowers.

At the top and bottom of the quilt the green and red hills of Arkansas and Utah are intermixed, representing reconciliation.

Occupying the center are 48 squares contributed by a nearly equal number of descendants of both victims and perpetrators. The intent was for the families of victims to memorialize their slain ancestors while families of perpetrators could express their profound sorrow. Thus, in the upper left from Paul and Frances Fancher of Atlanta, Georgia, "May we never forget all the victims of the Mountain Meadows Massacre," while near it the Robert Briggs family of Fullerton, California, descendants of southern Utah militiaman Samuel Knight express, "We honor the memory of those who died and express profoundest condolences to all affected."

There are two quilts. The photograph below is of the Arkansas Quilt, which is currently displayed in the Carroll County Historical and Genealogical Society, in Berryville, Arkansas. The second Utah Quilt, will be placed in an appropriate place in southern Utah.

One purpose of holding the MMA's 2013 Annual Meeting in St. George, Utah was to scout with its designers, Anna Rolapp and Barbara Jones Brown, for a suitable location to display the Utah Remembrance & Reconciliation Quilt.



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