The Known Victims of the 1857 Mountain Meadows  Massacre...

Please note that the majority of the names of the victims of the 1857 Mountain Meadows Massacre that appear here are those who we have personally researched and verified as victims. In some cases our list will differ from the names that were originally inscribed on the 1990 Monument on Dan Sill Hill (below). The MMA continues to research all of the names on this list, and to attempt to identify all of the victims of the Mountain Meadows Massacre.

In Memoriam

In 1990, Stewart Lee Udall penned the following poem:
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The inscription on the Mountain Meadows Memorial that was dedicated on

September 15, 1990:


In the valley below,
between September 7 and 11, 1857,

a company of more than 120 Arkansas emigrants
led by Captain John T. Baker and Captain Alexander Fancher
was attacked while en route to California.
This event is known in history as the Mountain Meadows Massacre.

Those believed to have been killed at or near the Mountain Meadows were:  

William Allen Aden, 19

William Fancher, 17

George W. Baker, 27

Mary Fancher, 15

Manerva A. Beller Baker, 25

Thomas Fancher, 14

Mary Lovina Baker, 7

Martha Fancher, 10

Wards of George and Manerva Baker:

Sarah G. Fancher, 8

Melissa Ann Beller, 14

Margaret A. Fancher, 7 (s/b age 8)

David W. Beller, 12

James Mathew Fancher, 25

John T. Baker, 52

Frances "Fanny" Fulfer Fancher  (Not A Victim)

Abel Baker, 19

Robert Fancher, 19

John Beach, 21

Saladia Ann Brown Huff

William Cameron, 51

William Huff

Martha Cameron, 51

Elisha Huff and two other sons (*s/b John Huff, James K. Huff, Mary E. Huff & Unknown Son Huff)

Tillman Cameron, 24

John Milum Jones, 32

Isom Cameron, 18

Eloah Angeline Tackitt Jones, 27

Henry Cameron, 16

and Daughter* (*s/b Sophronia Jones, 4)

James Cameron, 14

Newton Jones

Martha Cameron, 11

Lawson A. McEntire, 21

Larkin Cameron, 8

Josiah (Joseph) Miller, 30

William Cameron's niece, Nancy, 12

Matilda Cameron Miller, 26

Allen P. Deshazo, 20

James William Miller, 9

Jesse Dunlap, Jr., 39

Charles R. Mitchell, 25

Mary Wharton Dunlap, 39

Sarah C. Baker Mitchell, 21

Ellender Dunlap, 18

John Mitchell, Infant

Nancy M. Dunlap, 16

Joel D. Mitchell, 23

James D. Dunlap, 14

John Prewit, 20

Lucinda Dunlap, 12

William Prewit, 18

Susannah Dunlap, 12

Milum L. Rush, 28

Margerette Dunlap, 11

Charles Stallcup, 25 (Not A Victim)  *NOTES

Mary Ann Dunlap, 9

Cynthia Tackitt, 49

Lorenzo Dow Dunlap, 42

Marion Tackitt, 20

Nancy Wharton Dunlap, 42

Sebron Tackitt, 18

Thomas J. Dunlap, 17

Matilda Tackitt, 16

John H. Dunlap, 16

James M. Tackitt, 14

Mary Ann Dunlap, 13

Jones M. Tackitt, 12

Talitha Emaline Dunlap, 11

Pleasant Tackitt, 25

Nancy Dunlap, 9

Armilda Miller Tackitt, 22

America Jane Dunlap, 7

Richard Wilson

William M. Eaton

Solomon R. Wood, 20

Silas Edwards (s/b age 26)

William Wood, 26

Alexander Fancher, 45

And the Others

Eliza Ingrum Fancher, 32 (s/b age 42)

Who are Unknown

Hampton Fancher, 19


  Other Names Associated With the Caravan Included:

(George D.?) Basham

(Charles H.?) Morton Family

(Tom?) Farmer

Poteet Family

(Thomas?) Hamilton

Poteet Brothers

(James C.?) Haydon

(John Perkins?) Reed

(David?) Hudson

(Alf?) Smith

Lafoon Family

(Mordecai?) Stevenson

The following children survived and were returned to their families in northwest Arkansas in September, 1859:
Children of George and Manerva Baker: Daughter of Peter and Saladia Huff:
Mary Elizabeth, 5 (s/b Martha Elizabeth) Nancy Saphrona, 4
Sarah Frances, 3 Son of John and Eloah Jones
William Twitty, 9 months Felix Marion, 18 months
Daughters of Jesse and Mary Dunlap: Children of Josh and Matilda Miller:
Rebecca J., 6 John Calvin, 6
Louisa, 4 Mary, 4
Sarah E., 1 Joseph, 1
Daughters of Lorenzo and Nancy Dunlap: Sons of Pleasant and Armilda Tackitt:
Prudence Angeline, 5 Emberson Milum, 4
Georgia Ann, 18 months William Henry, 19 months
Children of Alexander and Eliza Fancher: At least one other surviving child is believed to have remained in Utah.
Christopher "Kit" Carson, 5
Triphenia D., 22 months

This memorial
erected September 1990
by the State of Utah
and the families and friends of
those involved and those
who died

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