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Annual Meeting 2013
November 1 and 2
St. George, Utah

One purpose of holding MMA's annual meeting in St. George was to scout with its designers, Anna Rolapp and Barbara Jones Brown, for a suitable location to display the Utah Remembrance & Reconciliation Quilt. We met with President Stephen Nadauld of Dixie State University and toured buildings on campus with art curator Kathy Cieslewicz; then toured the St. George Art Museum with its curator Deborah Reeder; and finally met with Chamber of Commerce President Gregg McArthur in the Old Washington County Courthouse. The second floor courtroom of the Old Courthouse looks particularly promising.

That evening in our annual meeing, Dr. Douglas Alder told how Juanita Brooks came to write "The Mountain Meadows Massacre," which lead to the her reconciliation efforts with J. K. Fancher, Sr. and others in Northwest Arkansas. Then Barbara Brown and Anna Rolapp displayed the Quilt and told how it originated. Terry Fancher presented plaques to Dr. Alder, Anna Rolapp. and Barbara Brown and board member Rob Briggs presented an award of excellence to Terry Fancher for his years of service to the Association.

On Saturday morning we made a pilgrimage to the Mountain Meadows Massacre National Historic Landmark to place wreaths at each of the three memorials. At Dan Sill Hill overlooking the valley we held hands and Terry Fancher led us in reciting the Lord's Prayer.

After a luncheon hosted by Tom and Patsy Lamb at their Mountain Meadows ranchhouse we all departed for our homes across the country, feeling that we had had a very productive weekend in southern Utah.



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