Aden, Baker, Beach, Beller, Cameron, Deshazo, Dunlap, Eaton, Edwards, Fancher, Huff, Jones, McEntire, Miller, Mitchell, Prewitt, Rush, Tackitt, Wilson, Wood, And Others Who Are Unknown.  If you have information on the individuals or families that died in the Mountain Meadows Massacre, or know of others who are said to have died ~ Please contact us!

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1857 Mountain Meadows Massacre


The Fancher Train", under the leadership of Captain Alexander Fancher, departed independently from Benton County, Arkansas.
                        THE ARKANSAS EMIGRANTS

FANCHER CHILDREN Who Died in the Mountain Meadows Massacre

      Fancher Surviving Children:
          Christopher "Kit" Carson & Tryphena D. Fancher

          Earliest Accounts of the Surviving Fancher Children

The Fancher Family Origins

Fancher Family Association

Richard Fancher Society

          The Wilson Family

          Fancher-Seitz Cemetery, Osage, Carroll County, Arkansas
          Burial location of Christopher "Kit" Carson Fancher -
          Survivor of the Mountain Meadows Massacre

          News Article: Harrison Daily Times, 11 September 2007
          The Fancher-Seitz Cemetery Memorial Society, in honor of
          the 150th memorial services for the victims of the 1857
          massacre at Mountain Meadows Utah, has donated the
          replacement marker for the grave of Christopher Carson
          "Kit" Fancher at the Old Fancher Cemetery, now known
          as the Fancher-Seitz Cemetery.

Rule Cemetery, Rule, Carroll County, Arkansas
Burial Location of Tryphena D. (Fancher) Wilson -
Survivor of the Mountain Meadows Massacre


 Christopher "Kit" Carson Fancher
Survivor of the Mountain Meadows Massacre

Tryphena D. (Fancher) Wilson
 Survivor of the Mountain Meadows Massacre


In Memoriam

Alexander Fancher, 45
Eliza Ingrum Fancher, 42
Hampton Fancher, 19
William Fancher, 17

Mary Fancher, 15
Thomas Fancher, 14
Martha Fancher, 10

Sarah G. Fancher, 7
Margaret A. Fancher, 7

James Mathew Fancher, 25
Frances "Fanny" Fulfer Fancher

Robert Fancher, 19

The Following Children Survived and were returned to their relatives in 1859:

Children of Alexander and Eliza Fancher:
Christopher "Kit" Carson, 5
Triphenia D., 22 months



























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