Aden, Baker, Beach, Beller, Cameron, Deshazo, Dunlap, Eaton, Edwards, Fancher, Huff, Jones, McEntire, Miller, Mitchell, Prewitt, Rush, Tackitt, Wilson, Wood, And Others Who Are Unknown.  If you have information on the individuals or families that died in the Mountain Meadows Massacre, or know of others who are said to have died ~ Please contact us!

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1857 Mountain Meadows Massacre

                 WILLIAM ALLEN ADEN

William Allen Aden was an artist from Tennessee. He joined the Arkansas Emigrant Trains in Parowan, Iron County, Utah.

                               THE ARKANSAS EMIGRANTS  


Lingering Hope, A Tennesee Father Makes Inquiry Of The Tribune For His Son, Supposed Victim Of The Mountain Meadows Massacre, Reward of One Thousand Dollars Offered For His Recovery - Salt Lake Tribune, December 24, 1874

Blind Justice, Letter From a Tennessee Father Whose Son Was First to Fall at Mountain Meadows - Salt Lake Tribune, November 19, 1876    

In Memoriam

William Allen Aden, 19



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