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1955 Mountain Meadows Massacre Monument in Harrison, Arkansas

In September 1955, an historic monument was
erected in the town square of Harrison, Arkansas
to commemorate the local families who died.

 John Kenner Fancher, Sr. was responsible for the
           planning of this monument in Harrison, Arkansas,
 for The Richard Fancher Society of America.
It was dedicated on September 4, 1955.
The monument reflected the best information available
in 1955, but the information is not entirely accurate.






Those Killed

From Carroll Co. Ark.
Alexander Fancher * wife Eliza Ingrum
Their Children: Hampton William - Mary-
Thomas Martha Sarah C. Margaret A.
George W. Baker Wife Child
John T. Baker Abel Baker
Millium Rush Allen DeShazo
David W. Beller Jas Mathew Fancher
Robert T. Fancher Melissa Ann Beller

 From Marion Co. Ark.
Chas. R. Mitchell Wife Child
Joel D. Mitchell Lawson Mitchell
Wm. Pruett John Pruett
Jesse Dunlap Wife 6 Children
Rachel Dunlap Ruth Dunlap
L.D. Dunlap 5 Children
Wm. Wood Solomon Wood
Richard Wilson

From Johnson Co. Ark.
J. Milum Jones Wife Child
Pleasant Tackett Wife 2 Children
Cintha Tackett 3 Children
Ambrose Tackett Miriam Tackett
William Tackett
William Cameron Wife 3 Children
Josiah Miller Wife 3 Children
Peter Huff Wife Their Children:
Angeline Annie Ephraim W.

Wm Eaton Indiana Wm A Aden Tenn 

Residence Unknown
John Calvin Sorel Mary Sorel
Francis Horn Joseph Miller Wife 

Other Names in Caravan
Mortons Haydons Hudsons Stevensons
Hamiltons Smiths Lafoons 

Others Unknown

* Although Captain Alexander Fancher had relatives in Carroll County, Arkansas, he was living in Benton County, Arkansas and began his fateful journey to California from Benton County. The Huff Family (not listed on the Monument), was also from Benton County, Arkansas. CURRENT LIST  OF THE VICTIMS.


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