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1857 Mountain Meadows Massacre



All resources presented or referenced on the Mountain Meadows Association website are for the benefit of those who seek additional knowledge about the Mountain Meadows Massacre. Their inclusion does not constitute an endorsement of the information these references contain. The Massacre is a very complex issue, and even in primary source documents, the information may be inaccurate, designed to be deliberately misleading, or biased. We caution the reader not to mistake any single source as the historical "truth", but to use the various sources provided as tools to acquire a better understanding of the event.

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What is a Primary Source?
Primary Sources (or evidence) are the actual records of events that have survived from the past. Examples of primary sources include original documents, letters, photographs, diaries, poems, newspaper accounts, and interviews. Primary sources
serve as the raw material to interpret the past and enable the researcher to get as close as possible to what actually happened during an historical event or time period. Primary Sources on the MMA Website.

What is a secondary source?

Secondary Sources are accounts of the past created by people who are not first-hand witnesses of the event. Secondary sources are not evidence; they are a commentary or discussion of evidence written after the fact. Examples of secondary sources include books, journal articles, monographs, biographies, and other information that interprets or reviews research works.

Evaluating Internet Resources
Don't take the information at face value!

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