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The Mormons
   Directed by Helen Whitney
    From PBS' American Experience and Frontline: A four- hour exploration into the richness,
    the complexities and the controversies of the Mormons' story as told through interviews
    with members of the church, leading writers and historians, and supporters and critics of the
    Mormon faith.

   * Includes the episodes "Mountain Meadows" and "The Ghosts of Mountain Meadows"  
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   September 1999 Reburial Service Video

   September 1999 Dedication of Rock Cairn Grave Site Video


  Burying The Past - The Legacy Of The Mountain Meadows Massacre
  Award-winning film by Brian Patrick
In addition to the history, the movie chronicles the Mountain Meadows
  Association's efforts to get the long-neglected Mountain Meadows
  monument rebuilt.


  The Mountain Meadow Massacre Video


  September Dawn
  Fictional love story set against an interpretation of the 1857 Mountain
  Meadows Massacre, by Director Christopher Cain.

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