Aden, Baker, Beach, Beller, Cameron, Deshazo, Dunlap, Eaton, Edwards, Fancher, Huff, Jones, McEntire, Miller, Mitchell, Prewitt, Rush, Tackitt, Wilson, Wood, And Others Who Are Unknown.  If you have information on the individuals or families that died in the Mountain Meadows Massacre, or know of others who are said to have died ~ Please contact us!

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1857 Mountain Meadows Massacre

List of the Known Victims

The 37 Known Children Who Died

 The 17 Children Who Survived

Reconciliation and Remembrance Quilts

Mountain Meadow Massacre - Original Song Recorded By
Lonnie J. Good, great grandson of William Twitty Baker,
survivor of the Mountain Meadows Massacre.


 William Allen Aden

 The Baker Family

The Beller Family

The Cameron Family

Allen P. Deshazo

The Dunlap Family

Silas Edwards

The Fancher Family

The Huff Family

The Jones Family

Lawson A. McEntire

The Miller Family
The Mitchell Family

The Prewit Family

The Rush Family

The Tackitt Family 

The Wharton Family

The Wood Family

People Traveling With The Arkansas Emigrant Trains Who Died En Route

People Later Proven Not To Have Died In the Mountain Meadows Massacre


                     Leave Flowers for the Victims at the MMA's Virtual Gravesite at Find-A-Grave

                     Mormon Family Links:

 The Haight Family

The Lee Family


The MMA acts as a resource for research, and provides historical data
and genealogical information about those who died at Mountain Meadows, Utah


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