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Wesley Middleton was born abt. 1835 in Roane County, Tennessee. He was the son of Vinson Hugh Middleton, a farmer and grocer, and Martha Snow. His family moved from Roane County, Tennessee to Carroll County, Arkansas around 1854. He was a hired hand, or drover, with The Baker Train,
which departed from Milum Spring (also called Caravan Spring) located in present day Boone County, Arkansas, south of the town of Harrison. The Baker Train consisted of three (known) wagons, and approximately 260 head of cattle.

Wesley Middleton
died en route of "Mountain Fever" (Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever), while the Baker Train was traveling in conjunction with the Basil G. Parker wagon train. (The Basil G. Parker Train was not involved in the 1857 Mountain Meadows Massacre.) Wesley Middleton died on the trail somewhere between Fort Bridger and Salt Lake in the Utah territory. He was NOT a victim of the Mountain Meadows Massacre. His sister-in-law at the time, Matilda Mira (Rush) Middleton, the wife of Zion Middleton, was the first cousin of Milum Lafayette Rush, who was also a hired hand, or drover, with the Baker Train. (Milum Lafayette Rush did die in the Massacre.)

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