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1857 Mountain Meadows Massacre

                                                                                      AFFIDAVIT OF HENRY HIGGINS

Territory of Utah, Cedar County ss:

Henry Higgins being sworn says, that he lived in Cedar City, in said Territory, about the month of September, 1857, the time of the massacre at the Mountain Meadows. Some days before the massacre, he saw the train going south through, towards the city, he being out herding at the time; train going south a few days after, about sundown in the evening, he noticed a company of persons going out of Cedar City, two wagons full, and others on horse-back, about 25 persons in all, all armed with guns. Nothing was said about where they were going, he inquired, but was unable to find out. In the company that started out he recollected the following persons: William Bateman, Ezra Curtis, Samuel Pollock, Alexander Loverage, John M. Higbee, and William Stewart.

Affiant further says, that he saw the same persons return with a lot of wagons and oxen, which were loaded with plunder, there was twelve to fourteen of them, four or five yoke of oxen in each, they were driven to Bishop P. K. Smith's, there unloaded. Some time after the effects were sold at the Tithing office - and further saith not.

Henry Higgins

Sworn and signed before me, this 20th of April, 1859.

John Cradlebaugh, Judge 2d District, U. S.

(Utah and The Mormons. Speech of Hon. Judge John Cradlebaugh. of Nevda, On the Admission of Utah as a State. Delivered in the House of Representatives, February 7, 1863, pg. 42.)


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